We are now accepting ORDERS and PRE-ORDERS for Bid Day gifts that we will deliver right to your sorority girl's doorstep with a card from you. Send her one of our boxes, filled with our gorgeous, carefully-curated items that she will surely love.

** PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we carry 18 of the 24 Panhellenic sororities. If your daughter's campus has any of the houses that we do not carry, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Sigma Sigma or Theta Phi Alpha, please consider that if you are pre-purchasing. Please be assured that if you do pre-order and she does pledge one of those houses, we will offer a 100% refund.**


Why should I send a gift for Bid Day?
Sending one of our boxes as a Bid Day gift is a great way to congratulate and show your support for your sorority girl’s new, fun-filled adventure! All items in our boxes were carefully selected based on trends and preferences of current college sorority members.

When do I need to order a gift box for Bid Day?
The sooner, the better! We place priority on orders that are purchased in advance, and we will likely sell out of many of our boxes, so we encourage you to pre-order one today!

If I pre-purchase a box, how do you know which sorority she receives a bid from so that you can send the appropriate box?
Once you pre-order your box, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Save this e-mail! When you find out the sorority that your girl matches with on Bid Day, all you have to do is respond to the confirmation e-mail with the name of that sorority. If you misplace the e-mail, you can just e-mail us at with the appropriate details. Once we receive that info, we will promptly create her custom box, add your personal note and send it to her doorstep!

If I pre-purchase, what happens if she doesn't get in a sorority or decides to withdrawal?
Not a problem! You just have to reply to the initial confirmation e-mail and inform us of the situation. You can choose to send her a “Happy Gift” box that is built with non-Greek items of equal value or we can fully refund you, if you prefer.

What is your return policy for boxes?
Your new member is able to exchange any apparel item that she receives for a different size if that size is still available. She may also exchange other items or return them for store credit (this does not include edible items, such as snacks or chocolate bars). She must do this within our return window of 21 days. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate refunds for these boxes after they have been sent out for delivery.

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